Hints/Tips for Using Rasmol

Once you have got Rasmol running you will want to view/rotate etc molecule (pdb) files.

Viewing Molecules

Select File/open and choose the molecule you want to view. It is just like opening a document in any Windows program.    A small bug (or inconvenience) is that to view a new file you must first select file/close for the previous one.

Mouse/Keyboard Shortcuts:

Rotate Molecule

Drag with mouse (left button)

Rotate Molecule (X-Y only)

Press shift and drag using right mouse button

Move molecule

Drag with mouse (right button)

Zoom Press shift and drag using left mouse button

Molecule Appearance

There are a good number of options for changing the appearance of your molecule: ball and stick, spacefill, wireframe etc.

Other Features

For details of other features, download the Rasmol help file (it's very small -  and can be accessed from the 'help' within Rasmol, if placed in the Rasmol folder on your PC).

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